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Name:Annie Jennings
Company:Annie Jennings PR
Address:26 Wilshire Dr
State:New Jersey
Country:United States of America
Phone No:908-281-6201
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Annie Jennings
Annie Jennings PR

JenningsWire: The World Of Success is a new online magazine created by Annie Jennings PR.   If you would like to find out about how you can be a guest blogger with JenningsWire, please let Annie know using this link:  

GET BOOKED ON THE MEDIA: Annie Jennings PR is a Strategic Marketing & Publicity firm that offers advanced branding, publicity, marketing, promotion and book publicity services to experts and analysts who would like to showcase their expertise via the media. Clients include Media Personalities, Celebrities, CEO's and C-Suite executives who want to stay visible to their customers, clients and shareholders by being seen and heard in the media commenting on socially relevant issues of the day. Annie Jennings PR also works with authors who wish to share their message with millions using Radio, TV, Internet & Print media.. Annie Jennings PR books experts, analysts, CEO's, executives and authors on the major media everyday.

CREATE YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE: Annie Jennings PR is able to create your optimal levels of success using media outreach and helps you develop your messages and media commentary. Annie Jennings PR packages and expands individuals, corporations, authors and experts in the exact way necessary to qualify for major media exposure. Annie Jennings PR is well known for advising clients on exactly how to use their marketing and publicity strategies for optimal impact, given their personal and professional goals and objectives.  Annie Jennings also offers the allows clients to access the specific media exposure required by their marketing strategy. Listen to real stories of real client success at publicity success stories.
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